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Race Documents

Inshore Regattas
Document Title Last Update Additional Information
Shoreside Contact Form, English Jan 2018 To be completed if you wish to lodge your Crewlist with a Shoreside Contact. The Shoreside Contact must be contactable and hold the Crewlist readily available for the duration of the regatta.
Offshore Races
Document Title Last Update Additional Information
Offshore Special Regulations Checklist
Cat 1-3, English
Cat 1-3, French (not yet available)
Jan 2018 For Category 3, 2 or 1 Offshore Races , this checklist needs to be completed once per season by the Person in Charge (RRS 46). If the Person in Charge changes, a new checklist must be completed and signed by the PIC.

ok If an Offshore Checklist has been completed already, a separate Inshore Declaration does not need to be completed.
Offshore Race Crewlist The entrant or crew manager can maintain the crew list online in the SailGate System.
The login Email and password are the same as your REMUS account.
Offshore Race Declaration Form, English Jan 2018 The Offshore Race Declaration Form must be completed in full and signed by each member of the crew following an Offshore Race. The Form must be returned to the RORC as soon as possible after a Race.

ok Note: Please download and print the form and carry with you on board for the Race.
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